Our Approach

At Hays Mews Capital Wealth Management Division, our commitment to exceptional, personal service sets us apart from our competitors. Prioritising your needs at all times, we specialise in wealth management as you’ve never experienced it before.

Welcoming You Onboard

We bring you world-class service from the first time we interact – and we’re committed to ensuring that the process of becoming a client is seamless and stress-free. From an onboarding perspective, that means that we handle all the admin, only getting you involved when necessary.

You’ll notice that we communicate with clarity – and always on the channel of your choice. Plus, we pay attention to all the little details, which means we know exactly where we’re able to make life easier for you.

Getting to Know You

Our speciality is providing curated wealth management solutions that are tailored to you. So our first task is to develop a holistic understanding of what makes you tick: your circumstances, your goals, your attitude to risk.

Quite simply, we love it! Getting to know our clients – and building strong relationships with you – is a key driver for us. There’s nothing that beats the feeling that comes from seeing the strategies that we’ve devised achieve your goals.

Life as a Client

Once your investments are up and running, you’ll benefit from our meticulous approach to reporting – and our commitment to finetuning our strategies to optimise your returns. Covering every element of your portfolio, we schedule regular meetings to check in and update you on performance.

Thanks to our open structure and small, friendly environment, we give you direct access to senior members of the investment team. We’re always there to answer your questions or share our thoughts.

Wealth Management, Exquisitely Wrapped

Hays Mews Capital brings you wealth management as you’ve never experienced it before. We’re not just about strategies that protect your capital and grow your wealth. Our expertise comes wrapped in luxury service that’s curated to your unique needs.

Providing insight, guidance and support at every major milestone of your life – and all the little moments in between – we’d love to tell you more about how we’ll help achieve your financial goals.


Imaginative and intelligent, we create dynamic strategies and unlock innovative opportunities to optimise your portfolio and achieve your financial goals.


There at every major milestone – and at all the little moments in between – count on us to keep your financial plans on track, whatever life throws your way.


Refreshingly friendly and down to earth, every interaction you have with us is characterised by warmth – one of many reasons that clients work with us year after year.

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